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Spray Foam Insulation

Professional Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam InsulationInsul-Tech Energy Solutions is a certified Thermoseal spray foam dealer in East Greenbush, NY. Find out how ThermoSeal spray foam insulation in your NY, MA, or CT home will save you money during the cold winter months as well as the hot summer. ThermoSeal spray foam insulation expands up to a hundred times its original volume. This expansion seals your home creating energy savings by preventing air leakage. We have successfully installed spray foam in hundreds of homes and buildings throughout New York and surrounding Tri-State Area.

Why choose spray foam insulation?

Foam insulation has proven to be the leading material to insulate with. Foam insulation comes in many different forms, the most effective is spray foam insulation. In homes across America, nearly thirteen billion dollars worth of energy in the form of heated or cooled air escapes through holes and cracks. This makes air sealing a very important factor when insulating a building. Another factor is R-Value, this is the measurement of a material’s thermal resistance. Traditional insulation materials such as fiberglass and cellulose do not air seal and also lose a significant amount of its R-Value over time. Foam insulation retains R-Value the longest compared to other insulating materials.

Is Spray Foam Insulation Safe?

We’ve been insulating homes in New York, Western Massachusetts, and Connecticut for over 8 years. Trust us when we say that spray foam is absolutely safe. We would not install any home insulation products in the homes of our family and friends if we didn’t think it was safe. It is safe and eco-friendly as well as it can be used for soundproofing and moisture resistance. Spray foam insulation also prevents mold growth. The foam is made out of polyurethane, which offers no food source for mold. The foam also air seals, and prevents thermal exchange between the inside temperature with the temperature outside. When warm air touches colder air condensation occurs, because colder air cannot hold as much moisture as warmer are so the moisture is released. All it takes is a one degree temperature difference for condensation to occur. These factors are the major causes of mold growth. Traditional insulation requires a vapor barrier in an attempt to stop moisture and mold growth, but in a lot of cases fail over time. The material spray foam is made with acts as a vapor barrier/vapor retarder. Spray foam insulation has many more benefits such as, dust reduction, sound abatement, and can increase a building’s structural integrity by 300%. ThermoSeal spray foam insulation is used in basements, attics, under porches, walls and ceilings. We have done work for large companies and homes alike. No job is ever too small or too big. We take pride in what we do and would love the opportunity to show you how safe and efficient spray foam insulation is for you.

All spray foams must must be installed by certified installers to ensure proper application and safety for everyone at the work site. Insul-Tech Energy Solutions is a certified ThermoSeal spray foam installer.

How does Spray Foam Insulation Work?

Thermoseal spray foam insulation is awesome. It starts to expand as soon as it hits oxygen. It starts to fill in all the cracks, crevices, and all the hard to reach places. When properly applied by a certified spray foam installer, the spray foam will expand many times its original size. When it expands, it creates an air tight barrier preventing air leakage or infiltration. This dramatic expansion is what makes ThermoSeal spray foam great for new construction and existing homes in New York.

What are the benefits of using Spray Foam Insulation?

There are many benefits associated with spray foam insulation. Because of spray foams expanding and hardening properties, it almost triples the strength of the walls where its applied. At the same time, the spray foam works like a glue to hold roof sheathing in place. This is especially important in areas that have high winds. Plus its made of polyurethane which prevents mold growth compared to other insulation products.

Can spray foam save me money in the summer and winter?

Yes it can! Let’s face it, if you live or work in New York or any other state around it, you know the winter weather can be very cold. And summers can get pretty hot. One if the largest benefits of using spray foam insulation is that it saves you money! Insulating with spray foam helps seal your home and prevent your warm or cool air from leaking out.

Save money in the summer You will save money on air conditioning and electricity bills in the summer time by keeping your home cooler and more efficient. And in the brutal north east winters, your home will retain its heat better and save you money on heating expenses. Without spray foam insulation, many homes in New York will have up to half of their warm and cool air leak outside. That is the same as throwing their hard earned money out the window. Let Insul-Tech Energy Solutions help you save money and improve the quality of your biggest investment, your home.

Spray Foam insulation is the best combatant of heat loss and air infiltration compared to any other insulation material including fiberglass and cellulose.

  • The highest rated insulation is Spray Foam. No other insulation compares.
  • Spray foam insulation is permanently installed and will not sag or settle over time!
  • Saves energy operating costs through out the entire year. Saving 30-50% a year!
  • Reduces air and moisture infiltration which gives you a consistent temperatures year round.

We have provided commercial and home insulation services for hundreds of projects in the state of New York and surrounding areas. Use our free estimate form to find out how Spray Foam Insulation can improve your home’s insulation needs.