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Safety Concerns

When you google Spray Foam insulation, after seeing all the advertising, you get treated to a variety of articles exploring negative consequences in the use of this product. Some in our industry have pondered whether or not these are promoted by the manufacturers of fiberglass and cellulous. Conspiracy theories aside, many of the problems that have been associated with Spray Foam Insulation, are largely the result of improper installation of the product. It does require that people be knowledgable about the technology they are employing. Often, certain types of Spray Foam Insulation have been used in environments where it was never intended to be used. Sometimes, poor application of Spray Foam has resulted in complaints of mold growth or chemical oders. Frequently, these unfortunate events have been caused by people who are not professonal applicators. They are untrained and not certified to perform the work. Like other industries, we have our share of bad actors!

The staff of Insul­Tech Energy Solutions has been working with this product for nearly a decade. We have been insulating with Spray Foam in homes and commercial businesses throughout the New York Capital region, the Hudson River Valley, the Catskills, the Adirondacks, the Berkshires and Northern Connecticut. Many of these installations have been in places our own families and friends live and work in. We have not had the kinds of problems or complaints described on internet searches for Spray Foam insulation.

  • All of our installers are current with the safe installation proceedures and knowledgeable about proper ventilation of the Thermoseal product. We use the appropriate ventilation equipment at the time of installation. We follow the recommended safety protocols set by the EPA and the manufacturers.
  • Our Spray Foam product, creates an air seal. The air seal prevents the thermal exchange of interior and exterior air temperatures. Preventing this exchange, eliminates the conditions necessary for the creation of condensation which can produce mold.
  • We are extremely competent in using this technology. All of our installers are fully trained and certified in the application of Thermoseal Spray Foam Insullation.