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Benefits of using Spray Foam Insulation

In the Northeast and particularly here in upstate NY, we are exposed to seasonal extremes in temperature and weather. One of the first benefits of Spray Foam insulation of course is money saving on energy related costs. Since Spray Foam air seals the places where both warm and cool air escape to the outdoors, there is less wasted investment. Energy dollars are spent more wisely. Many of our customers have seen as much as 60% savings on their energy bills.

Due to the hardening properties of Spray Foam, it almost triples the strength of the roof or wall it is applied to. Spray Foam will act like a glue to hold roof sheathing in place making it epecially important in locations that experience high winds from time to time.

Compared to other insulating materials, Spray Foam not only has the highest R-Value but retains that R­Value over time. R­ Value means resistance to heat flow. The higher the R­ Value, the greater the insulating power. Traditional insulating material like fiberglass and cellulose do not air seal the space being insulated like Spray Foam does. The air that moves through fiberglass or cellulose, interacts with the outside tempeature causing a moisture reaction. Over time, this then causes those materials to deteriorate, in addition to creating a climate for mold.

Real Estate professionals say that today’s buyers are very interested in purchasing property that has a smaller energy footprint. People in the market for homes and business locations today, are interested in being green. While Spray Foam is not often visible, its reliability is not dependent on the amount of sun or wind available. Using Spray Foam insulation means that while keeping you warm or cool, fewer fossil fuels will be consumed. Being able to show reduced energy usage and lower energy bills at the time of resale, is a huge plus.