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How to reduce energy bill by 50% overnight!

Air Mobement2By using spray foam insulation in your home, you are adding the power of air sealing to the equation. Literally 90% of heat loss is due to warmer air moving to colder air. As warm air rises and leave the home through the attic, cold air is drawn in from the outside through walls, doors, windows, vents, and a lot through the sill plate or rim joist area of a house. This effect on the house is known as the «stack effect», because of the way a chimney stack draws air in from the bottom as warm air leaves through the top. Stopping air leaks in the home by using spray foam insulation is a wise choice because it also acts as a insulation barrier and a moisture barrier. Air Sealing is the key! We have made energy usage improvements in the following areas, Albany, Troy, Loudonville, East Greenbush, Saratoga, Catskill, Durham, Greenville, Schoharie, and many more areas throughout New York. If you live in the Northeast or Western Mass we can help you!

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